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Please click on your model to see what parts we have available for you. Miele canister vacuums are world renowned by customers who the best appliances. Miele delivers unsurpassed cleaning power by any other brand. A Miele vacuum cleaner is not only a superb cleaning machine, great for both carpeting and tile; it also has the appeal of quality and luxury. This is why we're proud to carry superior vacuum cleaners by Miele.

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Miele vacuum cleaners are so durable and long lasting that even if they have updated their models and discontinued others, the discontinued models will endure for years. Each model offers extra features not previously found on the older models. Whether it is headlights, extra specialty tools, automatic suction controls or HEPA filters, each new model offers greater cleaning capabilities. With this in mind, the only things you will need are parts and accessories to continue the powerful cleaning and high filtration experience offered by Miele discontinued models.

Parts and accessories available for discontinued models are, filter bags , wands , filters , brush heads and other small attachments necessary for a perfectly clean and enviable home environment. We at ThinkVacuum offer Miele vacuum parts including accessory kits for automobiles and homecare. Brushes for sensitive and gentle cleaning; upholstery, and heavy duty; radiator brushes for cleaning hard to reach areas as well as crevice brushes for cleaning Venetian blinds.

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Pre Motor Vacuum Filter. It is also the only remaining Classic cleaner available. They also did not use the same type of disposable bag. If you wanted the power of a Miele in a more cost-effective package, the S2 may have been for you. The Olympus came with a combination floor rug tool for homes with bare floors, the Capri with a Turbo Air-Driven powerbrush for homes with some area rugs, and the Delphi and Titan with an electric powerbrush for homes with carpeting.

The Miele Compact Series is a smaller canister weighing just under 10lbs. Because of their smaller size, the three included above-the-floor cleaning tools are mounted outside the canister on a vario clip conveniently connected to the hose. These were previously known as the S6 Series. They also feature an unbelievable foot cleaning radius allowing you to tackle more floor without needing to unplug and re-plug.

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These vacuums are ideal for commercial settings or single-story homes with expansive carpeting. The Miele Jazz U1 has been recently discontinued. The U1 upright vacuum cleaners are designed for homes with large amounts of carpeting and very small areas of bare floors.

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The Miele Complete C3 Series was designed with a new ergonomic handle and lightweight build. This combination makes these models exceptional for the elderly or anyone with disabilities.

This incredible advancement in vacuum manufacturing allows the S8 Series to capture Their Silence Insulated Motors allow us to recommend these vacuums to pet owners around the world. The Kona and Marin are two of our favorite units to recommend and have proven to be universal favorites. Visit our Miele Homepage and select a vacuum you are interested in.

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The system will automatically generate a side-by-side comparison with any other unit you choose.