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The term fair trade is used very often and it is not always clear what this term stands for. We use the term fair trade to make clear that we do all that is in our power to buy our products in a socially responsible way. Every product has its own background story, but a few things they have in common: We always pay a fair price to the producer and the producer pays a fair wage to the employees.

We buy directly from the producer and therefore have maximum influence on the price the producer receives.

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We choose to work with relatively small entrepreneurs without much bargaining power, who often struggle to make a living, especially if buyers don't pay a fair price. That's how we fight for a stable income for our producers. For example the producer of our pepper grinders is a cooperation that is run by people with a physical disability.

The disabled often have a difficult position in Cambodia because of discrimination by employers and because there is no financial support from the government. This cooperation provides a free training and they can work in the cooperation and receive a fair wage. The employees run the cooperation together and share the profit. There is no child labour involved. For example, we buy our Kampot pepper from a farmer that provides education for the children of the workers so they can go to school when their parents are working. After school they receive free homework assistance at the plantation.

The working conditions have to be safe.

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We only buy products that are produced without chemical fertilisers, pesticides, chemical lacquers or other substances that can be harmful for the health of the workers. It is also important that workers get enough rest and don't have to work when they are ill and don't have to be afraid to be fired if they can't work because they are ill.

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Even though it is not common in Cambodia most of the time the employees get paid during the time they are ill and are helped to cover any medical expenses, like hospital visits. Our products are not officially certified organic or fair trade. Many producers find the process of applying for a licence to use the official logo very complicated and expensive.

It is expensive for both the producer and for us as seller because both have to be certified before we are allowed to use the logo. And also not every producer likes to work in a cooperation which is necessary if the producer wants to join Fairtrade International. Therefore we choose not to demand from our producers to join any label. We have a good relationship with the producers and choose organisations that have clear social goals and small entrepreneurs that work hard to make a living and welcome our support. A few of our producers are non-profit organisations, like the cooperation that makes our pepper mills and the organisation that produces the ceramics.

The same accounts for the organic label. is quietly building a hot – and global – social commerce empire out of Berlin

European certification is very expensive. Our pepper farmer has a Cambodian certification from Ecocert. We don't have a fair trade organic label, but that does not mean that our producers do not receive a fair price for their products. On the contrary! But we don't fund any certification organisation and therefore more money can be paid to the projects that we support.

All our profit goes to Stichting Apsara www. You are right! But we have a good reason for this. We rather don't use any plastic.

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But sometimes you can find non-biodegradable filling or padding, like plastic, in the box. If this is the case, these are materials that we received in mail order packages and reused.

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Reusing is more environmentally friendly than discarding it! When we buy new filling or padding we will always make sure it is biodegradable and natural, like kraft paper, packaging board or unbleached tissue paper.

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Of course we make sure that plastic filling does not come into contact with our Kampot pepper and Kampot sea salt. These are packed in bioplastic. The tape we use to seal the boxes is made of paper and a natural rubber based glue. It can be recycled like normal paper. No, these are not the same. In some European countries it is common to use 'four season pepper': a mix of four colours of pepper. But the red pepper in this four season pepper mix is not real pepper, but a berry that is native to South-America.

This berry grows on a scrub and is family of the cashew and pistachio tree. Red Kampot pepper on the other hand is real pepper. The taste is spicy, floral and even a bit sweet. Red Kampot pepper is made by drying ripe red pepper berries. It is easy to recognise the 'fake' red pepper by it's vibrant colour and smoother skin. If you are in doubt it is best to have a taste.

Red Kampot pepper is much more spicy and aromatic. Kampot pepper can be fully appreciated if it is ground in a good quality pepper grinder or ground with a pestle and mortar. If you store the pepper in a mill it is important that the pepper mill is not made of a transparent material or that is it stored in a dark cupboard for example. Frequent exposure to light is not good for the quality of the pepper. It is best to use a pepper grinder that has a grinding mechanism on the bottom.

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  • Some types of mills have to be turned upside down to be able to grind. After use the mill is turned back to it's original position. After a while you are left with a lot of partly ground grains inside the mill. These grains quickly loose their flavour and aroma. A pestle and mortar is very suitable to grind exactly the right amount of pepper. A course grind gives a more intense flavour. Of course we pay an honest price to the producers for the Kampot pepper, pepper grinders, ceramics, etc.

    But also we make sure that a big part of the profit stays in Cambodia, because we think that fair trade is a strong weapon in the battle against poverty. That's why we also cooperate with small Cambodian entrepreneurs as much as possible, for example for transportation and arranging any necessary documents. All profit goes back to Cambodia through Stichting Apsara www. We support for example sanitation and education projects in rural Cambodia. It's best to store the Kampot pepper in a dark place at room temperature.

    Store it in a closed bag or a jar with a lid, to keep the aroma. Once the Kampot pepper is ground, the aroma and spiciness fade within a few hours. A pepper of this quality deserves to be ground fresh! The inner bag is made of bioplastic and is biodegradable. The kraft paper bag can be discarded like normal paper. Please check the regulations in your country for recycling biodegradable organic and paper waste. Kampot pepper has a unique spicy flavour and is therefore regarded as one of the best peppers in the world. Also buying this pepper helps provide a good life for the producers.

    The profit goes to charity to help poor people that live in remote areas. New harvest. Kampot pepper. Geographical Indication. Fair trade. Plastic and BPA-free packaging. Black Black Kampot pepper starts with the green, unripe pepper berry. Black Kampot pepper is very versatile and can be used in almost any dish. Red Red Kampot pepper starts with the ripe pepper berry.

    White Just like the red Kampot pepper, white Kampot pepper starts with the ripe pepper berry. White Kampot pepper tastes very good with fish and cream sauce. Order Kampot pepper in our webshop. Natural and fair trade We think it is very important that the farmers that produce this beautiful pepper receive a fair wage for their labour. Kampot sea salt Kampot sea salt is produced in a traditional way in the salt fields of Kampot province.

    Order in our webshop. Our Pepper grinders Beautiful pepper grinders, exclusively made for Project Pepper. The colour and pattern of the wood are different in every grinder. That's what makes our grinders so unique! Thanks to Project Pepper two families can start a small pig farm. Pepper, salt and grinders. Amount Add to cart Decrease amount. Sold out. Phone number.

    Comments or special requirements. Shipping and billing address Payment method Bank transfer I agree with the Terms and Conditions and the privacy statement. Payment Within a few hours after placing the order you will receive a confirmation email with instructions.