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So, the difference in price reduces as you go higher in the hierarchy. The premium conventional in the standard package, Maxlife in their synthetic blend package and Synpower in the full synthetic package.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Coupons

All packages include up to 5 quarts of oil. If your vehicle needs more, then prices per quart vary from one outlet to the other. Complimentary services include topping off vital fluids, chassis lubrication, tire inflation and an overview of essential systems in the vehicle. And if you are a shop your way member, you can avail buyback points for each package that you choose. But if you are a Sears shopper, then you can avail some great discounts and rebates by clubbing your automobile maintenance with the rest of the shopping. Goodyear has been synonymous with automobile tires for decades and their recent foray into auto services has been equally well received.

They have a vast network of auto service shops or lubes that have very competitive rates for oil change.

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So, if you an old-schooler who still believes that conventional is the best, you know where you can get it for the lowest price. Having said that, Goodyear runs discounts year-round and a coupon is available at all times on their website. Beat that! Goodyear uses Valvoline premium oils only though.

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So, we are constantly on the lookout for the best local places to get a cheap and fast oil change. In other words, the big boys. The fact though is that there are many micro-businesses who can give the big box ticket stores a run for their money with competitive pricing and personalized attention. Yelp can be a great starting point to begin your search.

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You get detailed and recent reviews. The time of the review is equally important. Because the quality of service might change over time. Some service that was highly recommended three years ago, might have deteriorated off late. So, always read the most recent reviews on Yelp.

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Seek references from friends and close ones. A full synthetic oil change always looks steep when you compare it with blends or conventional motor oil change.

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But does your car really need synthetic? Or can you afford to cut corners and opt for cheaper varieties? Much has been written and spoken about the perpetual synthetic vs. An old car that you love to the moon and back is most likely an irreplaceable part of the family. All the more reason for you to be prompt with oil changes. Because once that odometer starts to tick beyond , you know that the engine is no spring chicken. It will start to react sooner to sludge, heat, cold, dirt, just about anything that it could once endure without as much as a sputter.

High mileage oils are your best bet.

Oil Change Service

These have a higher viscosity and are formulated with seal conditioners that will swell the existing crankshaft seals, thereby preventing hardening and leaks. Also, these oils will prevent the damage caused due to sludge. The prices for conventional oil changes have really reduced in the past few years. Some attribute it to an increase in competition. Others cite fluctuating oil prices as a probable cause.

As always, confirm whether the coupon is applicable at the Goodyear outlet that you head to. The next best price for a standard oil change is at Walmart and Sears.


Walmart even gives you some nice freebies. Most car owners procrastinate an oil change for reasons best known to them. Do not be that car owner. If you feel that your car needs an oil change, it probably does. We hope that you enjoyed reading our ultimate guide to oil change prices. If you have anything to add to this, please reach out to us.

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Also, do share your experiences at these quick lubes and auto repair centers with us. By having your AC unit recharged, you will enjoy a system that works more efficiently, and that lasts longer. The air it produces will be colder, and you will protect the rest of your AC system and the surrounding car parts from overheating and other types of damage. You also enjoy the benefits of an AC system that works like it should every time, providing cold air when you need it and keeping your car comfortable. The technician will want to check for the source of the problem first.

If you came to them complaining about some issue with your AC, they would perform a thorough check of the system to make certain that by recharging your unit they are taking care of all the problems. Once the technician sees that the system needs a recharge, he will evacuate all the coolant from the system using a coolant recovery machine. He will have to take out most of the AC system to do that. Once the parts have been evacuated, he will replace them and remove all the air from the system. The new refrigerant will be installed and any damaged or worn seals will need to be replaced.

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If the unit has been leaking, then one or more seals are usually at fault. Without your air conditioner, even the shortest trip can be a long, uncomfortable haul. Stop by our convenient location and one of our SuperPro Certified Technicians will check your air conditioning unit for you. Valvoline Instant Oil Change employees are happy to recharge your vehicle's air conditioning unit, but if it needs repairs you will need to take it to an authorized repair provider.

Some Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations may not offer air conditioning services. Call ahead to confirm availability and pricing.